Do you have a soul?


I once saw something that said get spiritual or be depressed.

In a sense, this is true. Depression, and all other mental states from anxiety to euphoria are a response of the mind and body.

It was Einstein that said that you cannot solve a problem by using the same level of consciousness of which it was created.


This is true with mental and physical illness. We have to transcend ourselves, and what has been, in order to break through to peace and health. Otherwise we are really acting insane, doing the same things, or trying solutions of the same nature of our problems, running around in circles trying to achieve something different.


You have to get beyond the mind to realize that there is more.

There is so much more.

Once you realize that, your entire world will change.

You will realize that the way your mind and body functions is but a mere infinitesimal fraction of the entire operating universe, of what is unseen. This body is the vessel that you have, and you have to take care of it – or you have to live in some kind of pain or suffering.


Meditation is going beyond the mind. It is going into the silence that always exists behind the current stream of thoughts that pass through your head every day.

What would it feel like to float in a waveless, pure body of water, compared to struggling to swim in a turbulent, muddy ocean?

It feels different, to say the least.


We can all achieve a state of pure calmness if we are persistent in learning how to float instead of continuing to struggle.

When you struggle, when you believe that everything is a struggle and you have to fight to stay afloat, you are only creating more and more waves for yourself to battle.


Becoming spiritual and using meditation is realizing that life is a tumultuous ocean of wave after wave, but nonetheless we can learn to not struggle through them, and instead accept this fact, and by this acceptance, we become one with the huge and small waves… effortlessly floating atop the experiences we perceive to be dramatic and emotional roller coasters.

It is possible to find inner peace, sanctity and calm, in any situation, and at any time.


But in order to do this, you have to realize that you are not your mind.

You are not your body either.

In fact, you are something that resides within and without these vessels.


We breathe to allow oxygen ‘into’ us to keep us alive. But what are we really, other than an open tube to walk around in this world full of oxygen?

Yet we believe we are entirely separate from everyone and everything?

We all breathe the same air.

Mother earth provides the trees, an extension of her breath, to keep us alive. Without them we would die. Yet somehow, we have become so lost that we think it’s ok to destroy entire forests, cut down trees, and hurt each other as well?


The false believe of isolation, aloneness, that life is a struggle and a fight feeds the also false state of being called depression like a wildfire. In many ways depression is a product of the culture and society we grow up in, where we are taught that nature is dead and we are all seperate and that life is a struggle or competition that we have to fight to win.

False, false, false and false.


It is incredibly difficult to operate, and be truly happy, whilst we live by those beliefs. Those beliefs are all products of a false paradigm, which is totally oblivious and numb to the nature of life and energy in general. It has been proven that there is energy in everything.

Energy makes up everything.


At the smallest level we can see with a microscope, we can see that all is vibrating. It has been proven through quantum physics that thought directly changes the physical form of reality (the double-slit experiment). It is also evident throughout history that inventions and ideas arise at the same time in different people across the world… animal studies have proven this as well with the observation of species who live separate parts of the globe yet adapt new behaviours and features that are the same, at the same time. Birds somehow know exactly where and how to migrate across the globe, yet they do not need to use maps.

Should this not indicate that there is an energetic field beyond physical grasp that connects and guides all?


And therefore separation is an illusion that we only perceive in our numbness? Has science finally tried to catch up on this fact and call it ‘dark’ or invisible matter? Are the electronic signals that create television and radio not real because your bandwidth of light is too small to perceive them? Is the same with emotions? Are they all not real because you cannot see or physically measure them?

These questions should all automatically prove the purely materialistic view of the world to be false.


So why are we tricked by our callous sense to believe that everything is solid and separate? Isn’t this rather archaic and not actually in line or up to date with science?

If you believe there is nothing beyond the physical, you simply have not felt deep enough. You have not experienced enough. There are people that live beyond the physical and create masterpieces of art and healing every single day.

It is a shame that universities and current education encourages the paradigm of dead science and medical materialism.


We are always living in a dark age. A dark age of some sort. There is always so much more to be discovered, and when science believes it’s revolutionized the world with a different paradigm shift through ‘objective’ facts, it is usually false and that is not realized until hundreds of years later.

This is what the medical field is infected with, in many ways. From drug taking to diagnosis labeling, disconnection to diet, relationships and non-harmony with nature.

The systems that dominate the world we live in, which shape the mindsets of people around us, have them suffering, thinking that the ones who feel all and see more are crazy.


To be happy, to be truly at peace, requires understanding more than the physical. We have to tap in and operate through what we call the ‘soul’. The deepest part of our being always knows what’s right. It is only when we try and listen to purely physical things that we suffer. You must ignore your soul, your passions, in order to sit down, be quiet, obey rules, pick a career, pick a nice house, eat whatever, survive, earn money, then die.

None of this is living through the soul.

Our soul wants to express itself, its gifts, its art…

As soon as we deny this, or repress this, we get depressed. We think life is dead and boring. Because we have been brainwashed into thinking that there is nothing more than this material boredom.

Material boredom, a to do list, confusion, then a black unconscious slumber maybe dominate the belief system of people in the world today.

The first step to clearing the confusion and hopelessness is meditation.


Being silent… sitting… observing…


You don’t have to try to come to the present moment.


It is already there.


It’s been waiting for you you’re entire life to wake up to and to realize that you have been constantly living in the factions of your mind.


Your mind always lives in the past or future.

It does not live now.


As soon as thought is created, you have placed a judgement over reality.

Realize that all thoughts are judgements…


When you silence the mind and become still, without judgement, your soul can speak.

Creativity, joy, expansion, music, dance, art, the flow of intelligent life can now integrate into your reality because you are opening up the space not be consumed or distracted by your mind.

The kind of feeling that makes you want to dance naked in the rain because you don’t care about judgement or perceived fear anymore.

Those inhibiting thoughts are gone.


There is no worry.

You can’t spend your life worrying!

Well you can, but don’t expect it to be good.

Worries are thoughts that place energetic blocks on new opportunities and expressing creativity.

Don’t worry.


Depression is yearning for you to let go of all of this perceived pain of the world and connect with your soul.

Your physical body is only respond to the energy that surrounds you and the energy that you generate or allow.

In this way, depression and all other anxious mental states are physical too. They create pain and lethargy. They are repelled and fuelled by certain foods.

There is no disconnect in this circle of life – so if you are not eating foods from mother earth, if you are not breathing in the pure oxygen that and bathing in the pure water that was meant for us, your body is going to malfunction. This affects the chemical production which affects the brain…

You need vitamins and minerals abundant in whole, raw, fruits and vegetables for your body to operate harmoniously. No chemicals, no processing, no death (dead animals), no adulteration. That is energy gone wrong. It’s like eating an apple straight from a tree that hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals, which would make you feel rather good, compared to eating a chemically treated apple that has been fried and baked and put on a shelf for 5 years.

Which one has more vital energy? Which one is going to make you feel good?


The truth is simple. The truth is obvious. We have to come back to nature and being in the circle of life in order to heal ourselves. We will do no good, being in boxes, being in systems, creating an artificial divide and fuelling ourselves with lab made products that our bodies reject and create disease from.

It’s time to wake up and feel the rain on our skin…

You can either live from the soul and observe with gratitude the incredible sensations and feelings open to us, or you can shy away, in that anxious mind, in the little box, fearing what might happen next… and constantly live in a dark place.


There is a light always inside you. This is not just a saying or cliché.

You will know once you free yourself from your mind, from the rules of this society, from everything that holds you back.

After all, this is life.

Right now.

This is life.

What are you worrying about?

Are you going to continue?



Vietnam Monk

Featured image is Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc, who set himself on fire in response to the war and crimes of the government in 1963. His last request was to the president of Vietname to act out compassion and equality for all people. His body burned to death but his heart remained uncharred. Literally, only his heart remained intact and is kept in a glass box in a museum because it is deemed holy. 


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