How to deal with your waste to help mother earth!

Rubbish is so important. Have you ever thought about where something goes or what happens to it when you throw it in the bin?

I certainly hadn’t for 18 years of my life, but I have realized that every single thing we use and dispose of has to end up somewhere. And usually when we throw things away, they end up in a landfill, which is a giant hole of rotting rubbish in our poor earth.

Would you want to deal with all of the waste you use? I wouldn’t. So it’s time we get more conscious about what we use and where it ends up…

In New Zealand there are two bins, red and blue lids – red for landfills and blue for recycling. It’s amazing how many people are completely ignorant of this system (and their waste in general). I see a lot of potentially recyclable things go into red bins, and the opposite – non-recyclables going into blue bins.

So what are things you can recycle?

Paper, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, glass bottles and jars (rinsed out), plastic bottles and containers, empty aerosols, steel and tin cans.

Make sure you don’t put soft plastic or plastic bags in the same waste pile as the recycling.

New Zealand has recently introduced recycling for soft plastics, so you can take those bags to your local supermarket which will likely have a large green bin for plastic recycling.

Ideally, we want to throw away as little rubbish as possible, because then it sits and rots in the earth. A lot of what is thrown away is fruit, vege and other food scraps – all of which are compostable! Fruits and veggies were designed to go back into the soil of the earth to decompose. They make valuable matter for enriching the soil for more food to grow. That is why it’s totally useless and painful to see so much rotting in plastic, insulated from the earth!

Composting is incredibly easy and something that everybody should be doing. All you need is a large bin in your garden, or a smaller indoor bin. I have a bokashi bin (http://www.zingbokashi.co.nz/), which works incredibly well to create compost cleanly. All you have to do is cut your fruit and vege waste in smallish pieces and put in it the bin. Once you’ve got a layer, you sprinkle it with ‘compost zing’ which is a dried plant-based product that helps the waste to ferment into compost.








I’ve been doing this for a while, even though I don’t have a garden to use my compost in. Lucky I recently discovered this website https://compostcollective.org.nz/, where you can find people who are either collecting or donating compost. Or you could look for your local organic community garden (or even better – start one!) to donate your compost to.

There are so many incredibly useful things that can be done with our waste, and even if just one person starts to become conscious and change their habits, it makes an incredibly big different to the earth and the poor oceans and animals that are at the receiving end of messes that we don’t see.


Always try to repurpose, compost, or recycle what you have. If not – try to make it a rare occasion when you put things in that red bin… just think, would you that rotting in your bedroom or garden? No? Then why would you put it somewhere else for someone or something else to have to deal with?

There’s no more time or room to be ignorant about waste!

That also goes for what we pour down the drain. All liquids (and small rubbish particles) end up in either rivers, oceans, or our own water ways. So would you want to bathe or drink what you pour down the drain…? Probably not. So think about the harmful, caustic chemicals and detergents you use. Would you pour those things onto a dolphin..? Or into your own bath?

It’s best to stick to all-natural organic products. This is be done so easily with cleaning. Baking soda, lemon, white vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Some essential oils. Done.

That’s what I use for my cleaning and it works like a charm. No grease… no mould.

There are simple, easy alternatives that don’t cost you or the earth. It is imperative that we start becoming aware of how our everyday actions have endless consequences, or sooner than we think, our beautiful earth will turn into a rubbish dump for all.

And when you go shopping, invest in reusable bags. You don’t need to plastic wrap every single vegetable you buy. Nothing could be more ridiculous. A cotton bag is so cheap, even paper bags are convenient as well.

Oh, and females – invest in a moon cup. It will save you from wasting your money on endless pads and tampons. You will realize how inconvenient and messy they are when you use your moon cup. Just think about how gross it would be, burying all of your wrapped pads and tampons in your own back yard. The moon cup is reusable and lasts about 5 years, if not longer. It’s much more comfortable, and you only have to empty it max twice a day on a heavy period. Thank me later…

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                                                  Always keep the bigger picture in mind… 




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