Your Health: What you Need to know

Trying to comprehend how the humans body works can be overwhelming. Especially when you start by trying to understand a sickness or disease you have.

But, what if, instead of trying to understand all of the diseases and how things go wrong, we tried to understand what actually makes the human body thrive and be well?

If we truly understood and lived by that knowledge, would we ever end up in a place where we had to deal with disease? Probably not.

So here’s what you need to know about your body:


1. Your body is always working for you, not against you.

When people get unwell, they tend to blame their bodies and think ‘oh no, you’ve done this!’ and try to silence the symptoms of illness, instead of looking at what could have caused it.

Illness is the bodies way of expressing that there’s something out of balance.

If we get pain somewhere, that means there’s inflammation, and inflammation can be caused by certain foods, environmental pollutants, or emotions like anger and stress (think – redness).

Our bodies are always doing the best they can to cope with our internal, and external environments.

The reality is, is that your body is constantly healing.

It is constantly pumping your blood, eliminating old cells, creating new cells, maintaining the right temperature, digesting, breathing, balancing, and SO much more, that we could not begin to comprehend!

When you get a cut, your body naturally knows how to heal it. Within a few days, your skin start to close up and heal again.

When you think about it, isn’t this really like magic?

You don’t even have to do anything, and you just get better. Well, the exact same thing is happening inside of you all the time! It’s the same life force, that is beyond intellect, that creates the growth of forests and flowers and ecosystems of nature.

The only problem is, that we have lost knowledge about how to keep healthy, and even if we have that knowledge, it is extremely hard to in a world that presents threats to your health at every turn. We are bombarded by toxins that interfere with the normal functioning of our bodies. Many of us are also consuming toxins in the form of drugs, alcohol and foods that have altered DNA structure from the original garden of fruits and vegetables that we started out with.

So it is not our bodies that are to blame. We only have to realize a few simple truths, to align with its harmonious function.


2. We always have the power to become healthier

You have the power in each and every moment to make positive change. It can seem so hard to try and make big lifestyle and diet changes – but realize that that’s only your mind getting in the way. All you have to do, is change what your doing right NOW.

Don’t worry about the rest.

As soon as you realize this – you will break free from the chains of old addictions to unhealthy habits and behaviours! You can choose what to eat, where to go, what to think, anything!

You could decide to go for a run, or stretch, or eat an apple. Or you could choose to eat cake and watch TV. It’s all up to you.

But when you’re making these decisions, try and think about what will really benefit you long term, what will make you wake up feeling better tomorrow – instead of what will satisfy your temporary urges or cravings.

Often those unhealthy cravings will pass, and when we give in, we feel worse for it. But if we decide to go for that walk, or drink a green juice, we don’t feel stress and anxiety, we feel relief, because we’ve done something that we know can only be good for us. Realize that you can just decide to start living healthier, with no strings attached. And once you do, you’ll wonder why you spent so long torturing yourself about whether you should have or not!

Often when we’re not experiencing the best of health, we have no idea what we’re missing out on. So it’s up to you to take a leap of faith into the glorious unknown.


3. Hippocrates (the father of medicine) was correct when he said “all diseases begin in the gut” and “let thy food be thy medicine”

The most simplified version of our body can be imagined as a tube. The opening is the mouth, and the ending is the anus. What you put into this tube, travels to the rest of the body and is used to build new cells and cleanse (or clog) old cells.

You really are what you eat. Everything that you ingest travels around the rest of your body.

So then, of course what you eat affects your mood, of course you can become healthier, or unhealthier, by changing what you eat. Most “diseases” are generally results of built up poor eating and lifestyle habits. Disease isn’t something that just comes out of the blue with absolutely no reason or explanation.

We would never get sick if our immune systems were strong enough. So what we do influences how well our immune systems work. If we’re putting lots of processed and cooked food into our tube, then it’s going to get clogged up and become slower and slower. If we eat and drink a lot of fruits and vegetables, our tubes will stay fresh and run healthily. It really is that simple. We don’t have to understand every complex system in the body, what we need to know is what we can control – which is what we put inside it.

Problems arise when we put the wrong things inside our tube, or things in the wrong order, or too many things! Our intestines become overburdened as they are full of food that hasn’t been able to be fully digested, that’s when we get constipated. To deal with this, the intestines pull more water from the rest of the body, creating excess thirst, because the nature of the food that is eaten isn’t high enough in water content.

When there are too many toxins in the intestines, the body sends them to other filtering organs, like the liver or kidneys to be dealt with. These organs are usually busy already, because of the high amount of chemicals and pollution we are exposed to in the every day world, so other resorts for the body are depositing fat (as far away from vital organs as possible, so usually around the thighs, buttocks, lower stomach, underarms), or sending toxins to the lungs or skin. Then we experience things like asthma, or eczema, or pimples and rashes.

It is simply the body trying to detoxify!

This toxic waste matter from incorrect or overly-large amounts of food starts creating an acidic imbalance in the body. Rotting waste matter in the body from partially undigested food fosters a breeding ground for bacteria overgrowth like candida or parasites. 

Of course environmental factors can play a part in your health too, as well as emotions (which can also feed bad bacteria and inflammation!), but what you put in by eating is the main cause for digestive and other troubles.

Ideally, everything that goes in, should come out.

We need food for our bodies to keep creating cells. When the food we eat is not able to be used for this, it either sits in the gut or is continually sent around the body in attempt to get rid of it. If you’re not having at least one bowel movement a day, you may want to think about the nature of the food your putting inside of you! 


4. Your body has natural cycles

Finding out these cycles is one of the keys to good health! Being in harmony with the rising and setting sun is being in harmony with when you feed and rest.

12pm – 8pm “Appropriation” This is the best time to eat and digest.

8pm – 4am “Assimilation” This is when your body puts the food to work and repairs itself

4am – 12pm “Elimination” This is when your body is eliminating old waste and food. The ideal time for bowel movements is shortly after waking; try to only eat fruits during this time, as they are the most easily and rapidly digested of all foods, which makes them the most ideal break-fast.

The first thing you put into your body is incredibly important, try to make it something cleansing, with high water content so you aid in eliminating old meals. 


5. Your body is listening to you

Did you know that your body is always listening and responding to you? It’s more than just thinking about going for a walk and then being able to go for one, it’s about what you’re thinking all day in your head, that you may not be aware of.

Positive self-talk is extremely important. Whether you know it or not, all of your cells are conscious, intelligent entities that are constantly changing in response to your environment. Just imagine, that they are the little citizens in the universe that is your body, and you are the god that looks over them.

Would your citizens be happy if you told them that you hated them and they looked fat?

No… of course not. We have to become aware of how we speak to ourselves. It is so important, to every aspect of health and wellbeing, that we develop a healthy, loving, caring relationship for ourselves. Just as you would to a good friend, don’t believe that you can get away with criticizing and punishing yourself. You always deserve love.

Just try for a day, showering yourself with thoughts that make you smile.


6. Fruits and Vegetables should be the main component of your diet

Those old-school food pyramids are just wrong! The healthiest of diets always comprises mainly of fruits and vegetables. The more raw, the better! The more raw fruits and vegetables you eat, the more life-giving vitamins and minerals you are consuming.

I would say at least 70% of your diet should be fruits and vegetables. Fruit for breakfeast, salads for lunch and a vegetable dish for dinner with some other food group if you like. 

Proper food combining is incredibly important. Our stomachs are designed to only digest either fruits alone, vegetables and proteins, or vegetables and starches together.

Do you ever feel heavy, sick, or tired after eating a meal?

Isn’t food meant to make you feel good and give you energy?

It’s probably because you are eating from too many food groups, so your stomach has to expend more and more energy to produce different acids to deal with what you’ve put inside it. If carbohydrates don’t digest, they ferment. If proteins don’t digest, they putrefy. That is why people get gas, bloating, acid reflux, heartburn and so on. We suffer because we have never been taught these natural laws of digestion! We should try to avoid drinking and eating at the same time as well, because drinking dilutes the stomach acid required to digest our food.

Also, try to always eat fruit on an empty stomach. Because fruit digests so quickly, if you eat it after other things, it will sit and ferment inside of you as the other food gets digested first (trust me, I’ve done this and it’s very uncomfortable).



Make snacks of nuts and seeds as well!

Herbs and spices are also an incredibly powerful plethora of ingredients to incorporate into your diet. All fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs have incredibly healing, medicinal properties.

If you are inclined to eat animal flesh then do so, but try to make sure it has been raised humanely and fed well, so that you’re not ingesting second hand suffering and disease!


7. The lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is just as significant and large as our circulatory system, but instead of blood it pumps clear lymph fluid. Our hearts pump blood, but the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump.

This is why need to exercise. It’s important to get the body moving, and sweating, so that our lymph fluid is able to flow and cleanse itself properly. Other techniques for doing this are dry brushing before having a shower, and going from hot to cold temperatures (sauna, cold shower, or just going from hot to cold water).


Dry brushing is important! It will improve your circulation and also get rid of dead skin, helping your largest organ to breathe!

The major organ of the lymphatic system is the thymus gland. This gland, located just above the heart in the middle point of our chests, is responsible for producing immune boosting white blood cells. You can gently tap on this point each day to stimulate the gland and boost your immune system.


8. Oxygen

Have you ever thought about how you breathe?

When I was younger, I was taught by a chiropractor how to breathe properly. Before this, I had no idea that I was breathing totally incorrectly – shallowly and through my mouth. The most effective way to get as much oxygen possible in our bodies (which is what we want, oxygen = life, lack of oxygen = disease), is to breathe deeply through your nose (your nose hairs filter out dirt and unwanted particles) and feel your belly expand out as you inhale.

Then when you exhale through your nose, your belly should contract. It might take a little bit of practice and a while to get used to, but once you start breathing like this it will eventually become natural. Also remember to relax your shoulders, as they shouldn’t be going up and down with your breathe (that’s a sign you’re tense/stressed).


9. Listen to your body

Your body is the vessel, the only vessel that carries you through life. So it’s a good idea to take care of it, and learn to listen.

When we get pains or symptoms of illnesses, the last thing we want to do is suppress or ignore them! Those pains mean our feedback system is working. When we silence this, we’re in for much more trouble. Our body is trying to tell us that something is out of balance, and something must change.

It’s like being thirsty, and thinking ‘oh no I’m thirsty, let me take a pill to erase the sensation of thirst!’, instead of remedying the thirst by drinking water…

So we must learn to listen to our bodies at all times, to understand that it is not our body that is malfunctioning. There is a cause behind every effect, and erasing the effect does nothing to help eliminate the cause of discomfort and disease!


10. Detoxify

Our bodies work best when they are clean on the inside! Each day we are exposed to toxins – pesticides from inorganic food, chemicals in tap water, cleaning products, air pollution from cars etc.

So in this day and age, we need to take special precaution to keep our bodies running well!

The ultimate way to detoxify is by drinking lots of fruit and vegetable juice. Fruits and vegetables work to cleanse and repair our insides.

Most people’s diets do not include enough water, and eating a lot of water-based foods is very important to keep the body cool and flowing. We are 70% water after all, so if you are eating mainly cooked, processed, starchy foods – then it’s quite easy to get clogged up!

We can support our organs of elimination by drinking plenty of filtered water and adding certain herbal teas to our diet, like burdock, ginger, nettle, cinnamon, turmeric.

We can also try to minimize our exposure to as many chemicals as possible by switching to sensitive, eco-friendly beauty and cleaning products.

Toxins don’t only affect your physical body, they affect your mood too. A big reason why people are overly irritable or angry, is because their bodies are overburdened, so it’s virtually impossible for them to feel relaxed.

Colonics and enemas are also great tools to detoxify. (Did you know the average person has approximately 10-15 backed up meals in their colon?)

So detoxify!


Our bodies are really simple when we think of it this way – what goes in, must come out. And problems arise when what goes in doesn’t come out… and gets stuck, and circulates around the body, making you tired, inflamed, grumpy! Toxins always go to extremities, and they go to the feet first, then the hands. Our bodies are very intelligent and are trying to send the bad things are far from our vital organs as possible! 

The reason we might be born or develop ill health is because humans begun to stray from the path of living in harmony with nature. This has been going on for some time now, so you are not at all to blame for experiencing poor health. The world we are born into, in most places right now, is unhealthy. It has become commonplace to ingest the wrong food, take antibiotics, use personal hygiene products full of chemicals, spend a lot of time indoors, be exposed to electromagnetic radiation, indulge in poisons that damage our organs, and more.

We must adapt a wider perspective to understand that what we are doing right now is not normal. So while doctors may say that your problem is genetic, it is only genetic because of the things your parents were exposed to, and their parents and so on, i.e. genetics are influenced by behaviours and environment, they are not fixed or set in stone (look up Dr. Bruce Lipton on epigenetics).

Not many people are aware of the nuclear radiation that is still spreading across the planet from the Fukushima explosion. These invisible threats to our health, damage our DNA, and because we’re never taught about them, we go to the doctor to get more chemicals to try and fix us. That being said, once we are armed with this awareness and knowledge, we have the power to make better choices!

When we learn about how our bodies function, and what should be going in, and what we should be doing to live in harmony with nature, we can become a lot healthier. You have the power to educate yourself and make better choices that will allow your body to show you how good it can feel to be alive!

We are just like plants, we thrive in rich, diverse soil, with lots of pure water, plenty of air and sunlight. These are the basic principles of natural hygiene. Natural hygienists believe that nature is supremely intelligent, and when we eliminate all of the obstacles and toxins, and live naturally, then our health will shine through. So it’s important to connect with our roots as much as possible, literally, getting your shoes off and into the fresh dirt, grass, sand, whatever it may be – it’s incredibly healthy for you!

If you find this information overwhelming, perhaps because you haven’t thought about these things, or you realize what you might be doing that counteracts good health, just try to adapt at least one of these principles and see how it goes. Each point mentioned, if applied consistently and correctly, has the power to change your life!

Remember, every and each little choice you make makes a difference, and you deserve to experience the best of health. 


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